I can't scan neither use my flash drive. USB drive not recognized.

  • 30 November 2021
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Hi, the flash drive was working perfectly until today. I think there's something wrong with my school computers. It seems to work fine when I put it on my computer. it crashes and stops working when i try to get into folders or try to scan with kaspersky. It has ntfs protection. Any idea how can i fix this issue? 

Note: Microsoft Defender found Worm:Win32/AutoRun!atmn in my flash. But It can’t finish the scan neither. Because after short time i get same messages“ USB drive didn’t recognized”


2 replies

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@PhyrePhoenix Welcome,

Please switch your GUI to English with  “Shift+F5 / Shift+F12”  and check your reports.
→ Kaspersky → More tools → Reports

I can’t found any solutions for this issue on the net. So I formatted the USB. I lost some documents. I have found some backups. Thanks for your attention anyway. Have a nice day sir.