HEUR: Trojan Script. Generic- object cannot be deleted

  • 27 December 2021
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I started the process of downloading Windows 11 yesterday (just seeing that it didn’t actually update fully yet, so might not be relevant), have not used my computer at all since, and this morning when I opened it I have a notice from Kaspersky Security Cloud that reads:

Detected: HEUR: Trojan.Script.Generic

Location: C:\U…/show_auspost_delivery_information.jse

Cannot disinfect the deleted object.

And then I can skip or delete archive.  I don’t know what to choose or how serious this is but neither seem like an appropriate resolution. Skip doesn’t resolve at all. 

What does delete archive do? What should I choose? How do I resolve this issue?

10 replies

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@warhoo Welcome.

Can you please check More tools > Reports and post a screenshot from the detection(s).

Here is the report:

Also. . .I just realized that Windows 11 did not fully update yet (needs a restart), so that my be irrelevant. 

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@warhoo Can you please check in your reports the File and Web Anti-Virus Sections.

Above notifications are pointing to Internet connection issues.

File Anti-Virus:


Web Anti-Virus: no events listed


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@warhoo Please try to run this command :

  1. Run CMD as ADMIN

  2. Execute command “rd /s /q C:\$Recycle.bin” (without quotes)

  3. Close CMD > Reboot

  4. Proceed with a full Kaspersky scan > Reboot

Ok- thanks. Will give this a try later today. Wondering, if my Windows 11 has not completed downloading and requires a restart, should I do this first, prior to running this command and rebooting?

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@warhoo You are welcome.

Personally i should give priority to W11 , please check your Task Manager  before proceeding.


Ok- I’ve downloaded W11 and completed the command and scan (came up clean- no threats) and reboots and the “unresolved issue” is still there,:

Any thoughts as to next steps?

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Please contact Kaspersky Technical Support :


→ Contact us → Product help → E-mail → Contact Support

→ Form → Request Type ? → Select "Malware"

→ Contact Support


Anyway your system is not at risk , Kaspersky detected and blocked the object.

Will do. Thank you for your help.