Exclusion bug

  • 16 October 2021
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Win version: 7/10 21H1/11 21H2
Product: Kaspersky Security Cloud Free


Exclusion is not working at all, i tried to exclude the folder/file/hash even adding the files as trusted nothing works

also disabled the antivirus/restarted the system and still not working

Once i access the files or scan via right click, it get detected

Also tested v without update and after updating it to (f) with same problem

Here’s a video while trying to exclude a file


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6 replies

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@BALTAGY Welcome.

⚠️ Only  if you trust the object and at your own risk please consider  this :

  • Disable option : Settings > General > Perform recommended actions automatically
  • Kaspersky will ask you to decide which action to take on detected objects
  • Chose for “Quarantine”
  • Restore the  quarantined object
  • Create an exclusion rule for the object 
  • Enable option : Settings > General > Perform recommended actions automatically

@Berny Still not working


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@BALTAGY Please submit the object here :  https://opentip.kaspersky.com

I did, even it’s not only this file, it was just for testing, exclusion not working at all and i saw a few reported the same with older builds


Same here, i’m trying to add a exclusion but the antivirus keep detecting it. My temporary option is to disable it completely.
I’m using K. Total Security version (g)

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Please contact Kaspersky Technical Support  https://support.kaspersky.com/b2c#contacts