Cannot disinfect detected Adware object located in Cache. Skip/delete archive/Add to exclusions. Which do I choose?

  • 14 October 2020
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Cannot disinfect detected object.  Skip/delete archive/Add to exclusions.  Which do I choose?

And why is there ZERO information on what to do?  I mean, if I had any interest in programming, I would have become a programmer.  We are paying to have Kaspersky give advice on how to proceed.  I mean, cant you even give us a “hint” on this pop-up, so we dont have to spend hours on help forums trying to get the basic information that we thought we paid you to give us?  Not trying to be a jerk, but honestly, why is basic information on how to proceed not in the pop up?  A link to explain the terms seems very simple to add.  Sorry, ticked at the time I have had to spend on what seems to be a very simple and frequently asked question…



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@CAJ Welcome. Please  first try this :

  • Skip
  • Clear your browser cache
  • Clear Kaspersky reports : Settings > Additional > Reports
  • Reboot
  • Run a full scan

Also , please see this important  pinned Topic

Yes, this solved the problem.  Thank you for the response.

The answer does not help me decide for my particular “malware found” if I should SKIP or DELETE ARCHIVE.   Can you please explain when to use SKIP and when DELETE ARCHIVE?  

Also, I agree with original question:  PLEASE add pop up “info” button on SKIP/DELETE box to provide this information right there and facilitate a quick decision!!!  THANK YOU!     


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@Paco Welcome. Can you please provide a screenshot from the detection.

Can you please explain when to use SKIP and when DELETE ARCHIVE?  

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Welcome. Please go to your Downloads folder and manually delete the file. Any better after that? 

Its been resolved. Thanks.