Can Kaspersky scan for and detect malwares that is in Vram and uefi rootkit?

  • 4 November 2021
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I've been reading something about a GPU malware that hides in the GPU's Vram, and the UEFI malware called ESPecter. So this is just a question if Kaspersky can detect those kinda malwares?


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4 replies

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Hi @TheQuestioningLad , 

Checking with our Malware Analysis team, please stand by. 

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Hi @TheQuestioningLad , 

Yes, Kaspersky can detect these malwares. 

GPU malware is not stored in GPU, it is executed as a normal application, and it is detected at the moment of execution. 

UEFI malware will be detected both in hidden EFI section or in BIOS ROM. 

Hope it helps. 

hello, i wonder if there’s a way we could scan UEFI as personal user
Eset app have a custom scan for it.

and finally if there’s a virus in the UEFI Kaspersky internet security would be able to detected and remove it ?


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Hello @matrex_a1990, Welcome.

Please see this topic: