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  • 18 September 2021
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Olá bom dia,

Toda vez que abro o navegador de internet ou uma nova aba recebo a noticaficação de de que um link malicoso foi bloqueado. Segue o anexo da notificação:

Como resolver isso?

Desde já agradeço a colaboração de vocês!

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2 replies

hello, i had the exact same problem, suddenly kaspersky started to show me 5-6 notification per 10min, i searched the web and could not find a solution, 
i had updated my modem, reset it, nothing happend
although when i changed my wifi to my mobile hotspot i did not get the error, but i could not stay with the hotspot
at last i removed Kaspersky because the notification was so annoy 

i have a question from Kaspersky team, is this an infection on our PC ? 
or this is a bug/hole in router ?

i already order a new router, but i want to know should i reinstall my windows ?  



I solved my problem the day after. I had to update my router and that solved my problem. Find the model of your router and download the firmeware and do the update. If the issue wasn’t solved i had to buy another router. 


I found this solution on this link on the kaspersky community: 



I don’t think you should reinstal your windows.

I hope you can solve yours too.