I am never able to renew a existing license I already payed for.

  • 24 February 2021
  • 1 reply

How can it be that I NEVER are able to renew a existing license I already payed for? Instead I get a new license every time I renew. My old expired licenses linger around in my "my Kaspersky" account with no option for me to remove them. Also every time this happens, and it have happened EVERY time i renew my licenses I need to re add my devices to the new license and rename them. This is frustrating and annoying. As a result I no longer know witch desktop devices are what. How can this be avoided next time I need to renew?

I have tried klicking on the renew link in windows. I have tried renew from my Kaspersky page. I have tried renew from mobile app Android. I always end upp with a new license and need to manually install the new licens on every device.

On my Kaspersky page the old licens lingers unable to renew it with all my devices still associated with it.

1 reply


In general you should able to send added licence from MyK to connected devices (in MyK).