What does security data escort adapter do?

  • 15 December 2020
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What does this do? I'm experiencing issues on my laptop with the WiFi connection dropping out. Particularly on zoom calls.


The WiFi doesn't drop out on other devices connected to the same network. It only happens on my laptop. 


Could this be affecting my connection? Sometimes a wired connection will disconnect, but again, no other devices lose connection. 




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Hello @Daveybline1984, Welcome.

‘Security Data Escort Adapter’ is a virtual network adapter. It is used by ‘Kapersky Secure Connection’, Kaspersky VPN.

If you do not use the VPN, you can disable this adapter as a test.

I looked up this feature on the website and it doesn't explain what it does. It just says do not disable it. 

I don't use it specifically for anything. I just saw it was on the adapters and was enabled. 


I'll disable it and see if it solves the problem.



FWIW - KIS created two additional virtual ethernet adaptors (Security Data Escort Adapters) on my system. As part of diagnosing slow and intermittent internet a few days ago I disabled both - so far no negative impact, everything is still working.

@DeltaIndigo You can try to remove one of the KSDE adapters from Device Manager. So there should stay only 1 KSDE adapter in Device Manager and in ncpa.cpl (list of network adapters).

KSEC works in case of enabled KSDE adapter in ncpa.cpl.