VPN keeps connecting to my own country

  • 15 November 2020
  • 4 replies

How does the VPN connection in free trial decide which country network it should connect to?

Because for 3 days in a row, my VPN is being connected to my own country. Kind of makes VPN pointless.

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4 replies

I believe it has been like that for a while now, that is made experience at least. 

Even I am having the same problem. i uninstalled & re-installed. Still problem is not corrected

I have uninstalled secure connect now, I was using the free 300MB limited version and I noticed it had not been updating, whether this is just an issue with the free version I don’t know but it might be worth checking what version you are using and checking it with the latest version.

In case of non Premium KSeC the connection is established to same country, but different location from the initial (you can check geolocation of your current IP address with disabled and enabled VPN in to make sure about it).