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  • 7 July 2021
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Hello, I have downloaded Kaspersky VPN Secure connection on my PC. I have windows 10. I want to “unlock” a streaming platform located in France, but in order to do so, I have to add Kasperksy VPN as an extension to the browser I am using. I have already tried it with many browsers (Microsoft edge, Chrome, Mozilla, Opera) but I failed. Can someone tell me how to do it? And if it is impossible, is tere a way to get my money back? Thank you!

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6 replies

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Hello @Anthony2001, Welcome.

I have been using Kaperky VPN for years now and have never been asked to install a browser extension. KSeC works system wide (not just in the browser).

Can you please describe where you are prompted to install? Screenshot available?

Well, I am not an expert in computers, I just know that I installed it. What I know is that I used Windscribe VPN as an extension to Microsoft Edge and managed to gain acces to the platform I wanted, whereas I cant add Kaspersky VPN as an extension to any browser I tried and therefore I have n access to the platform I want


I must add that Kaspersky VPN works when I m using other websites destined for French people (France 5), but it doesnt work for the platform I want (SALTO). I had access to SALTO with Windscribe VPN because it was an extension to the browser i am using


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Please open the main window by clicking the icon on your desktop.
Then you can select the desired region. You may have to restart the browser afterwards.


PS: please uninstall any VPN extensions that may be present in the browser.

some sites detect a VPN by the IP of the exitpoint and then block access. This could also be a problem.

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And if it is impossible, is there a way to get my money back? Thank you!

Hello @Anthony2001


Please refer to: How to request a refund for a Kaspersky application?

Thank you🙏🏼


I was wondering if there was a need for an extension with Kap VPN … Good to know that it’s a system wide vpn with no need for extensions. Thank you Schulte for that info. Much appreciated.