Using Kaspesky VPN to watch live UK TV

  • 17 February 2021
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I have bought Kaspesky VPN, specifically to watch UK TV while overseas, but unfortunately I keep getting the message that the TV program is not available in my location, even though I am connected to the UK Server, 

This happens when using the following websites

Virgin TV 


BBC Iplayer

I am using a Windows Laptop.

Have I wasted my money purchasing Kaspersky VPN, I thought it was meant to block my location?

If anyone knows of a solution, I’d love to know.

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1 reply

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  1. I thought (VPN) was meant to block my location?
  2. TV program is not available in my location, even though I am connected to the UK Server: BBC Iplayer, ITV Hub, Virgin TV 

Hello @WayneM


  1. KVPN hides, not blocks, the source IP address and location, your original ip traffic get’s passed thru a network of secure servers → VPN tunnel.
  2. BBC (iPlayer) & ITV Hub, both use geo-blocking, that may mean the ip(s) of Kaspersky’s remote virtual server(s) have been blacklisted or they’re measuring the end-to-end delay of a network connection to estimate the physical location of the user, from that they can determine: even tho the remote virtual destination server ip is UK, the delay indicates the source is not UK. 
  3. We’ve taken out paid subscriptions with other VPN providers, who guarantee, in writing: BBC (iPlayer) & ITV Hub, will work; they don’t, their Technical Support solution was: changing between all the available remote virtual locations, until we find an ip that’s not blacklisted, doesn’t work. 

Thank you:pray_tone3: