Upon activating Kaspersky Secure Connection VPN the internet connection is immediately turned off.[Moved]

  • 19 June 2020
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As soon as I activate Kaspersky Secure Connection my computer’s internet connection is immediately turned off and so the secure connection fails.

3 replies

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Hello @hlhutton , try uninstalling /reinstall Kaspersky S.C. VPN. if it doesn't work, generate a GSI LOG and insert the link in the next post.


Thanks @bobbycooper.  I have uninstalled and reinstalled Kaspersky S.C. twice and rebooted my machine after each time.  It still is not working.  The strange thing is that it was working fine two days ago…  I will download the GSI Log tool and provide a link on my next post. 


Try to remove KSeC, make sure that there are no KSDE adapters in Device Manager - Network Adapers.

If there are exist there - remove them. Then reinstall KSeC and recheck the issue.

Please tell about the result.