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  • 8 November 2019
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Tasks will never stop. If you say, "Deploy Kaspersky to all computers without it running" every day, it will run once, then just freeze forever until you manually stop the task and restart it. Kaspersky technicians are unable to fix.

Kaspersky randomly slows machines down to a crawl. No rhyme or reason. I tested this for weeks by installing it on my home PC, and it would sometimes drag even lightweight MOBAs down to the point of unplayably low framerates.

Kaspersky hates Google Hangouts. When engaged in any video call, Kaspersky's CPU usage will go to 50% for the entire call.

Kaspersky still has no OSX installer. You get to manually make your own with a Bash script.

Kaspersky breaks OpenVPN. You can't even just disable the program, you have to fully exit it to get DNS queries to work across OpenVPN.

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Please pass your mouse cursor over the Kaspersky tray icon and tell us the full, complete name and version number of your Kaspersky product, so I can move this topic thread to the proper section and let that moderator supply a utile topic title. 


It is a tad wee out of place in Russian > Home User section. My guess is that English > Business section would be more apropos, but these days, who really knows? 


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