My twitter is locked due to Kaspersky VPN

  • 29 March 2019
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I had problem with my Twitter account because Kaspersky secure connection connected with UK(virtual location) server. My real location is Greece and Twitter informed me that someone from London try to do login and for this reason my account is locked for security reasons. By the way i closed Kaspersky secure connection and Twitter ask for me to change my password. Do you have any idea for this?

Thank you!

2 replies

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γεια σου kostasheliotì,
Have you read/followed:
* https://help.Twitter.com/en/managing-your-account/locked-and-limited-accounts ?
If you have & you're still unable to unlock the [Twitter] account go to:
* https://help.Twitter.com/forms/signin
* [Help Center][Submit a ticket][Report a problem][Login issues]
* [Twitter Support] will assist to unlock the account.
* AFTER the [Twitter] account is unlocked:

1. Login in to [Twitter]
2. Go to https://Twitter.com/settings/account
3. Change [Time Zone] to [(GMT)UTC]
4. Change [Country] to [United Kingdom]
5. Log out of [Twitter].
6. Reboot/Restart PC.

According to [Kaspersky Secure Connection] help doco:
[an encrypted connection that is established by [Kaspersky Secure Connection] via a specially allocated server located in the country you specify ]

* Start [Kaspersky Secure Connection],
* Set server to [United Kingdom], if [Kaspersky Secure Connection] is already started configure the server to [United Kingdom],
* Log into [Twitter], traffic should be directed thru [Kaspersky Secure Connection][United Kingdom] and [Twitter] account should remain unlocked.
*IF [Kaspersky Secure Connection] continues to impact your [Twitter] transmissions don't use [Kaspersky Secure Connection] when using [Twitter].
* &/or, you may also wish to collect log & trace files: https://support.kaspersky.com/14544#block3 & contact Kaspersky Lab Support:

Hope this helps, good luck🙂
I had same problem and now it solved. Thank You!