Laptop Locks Up - VPN

  • 29 January 2021
  • 3 replies

This has only just started happening in recent weeks.

The VPN application locks up and can’t be shut down without some difficulty. Have to access task manager and close down tasks and this tasks some time to react. On occasions I have to restart my LT to get it to work.

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3 replies

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@rmontey Welcome.
Is Kaspersky Secure VPN displaying a message when it locks up ?
Did  you try another virtual location ?
Did you try uninstall/reinstall ?

No to both will try. Was working fine on these settings before.


Hi I have the same issue started today as well. Im using Win7-64bit.

VPN cant be off and shows red button instead when i tried to switch it. Icon on taskbar is not responding as well when I right click on it and it seems to be jammed, even cant uninstall it.

Pls advise.