Kaspersky VPN not working with macOS 12 Monterey

  • 26 October 2021
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Upgraded my iMac yesterday from Big Sur to Monterey. Since the upgrade VPN loads and runs but the little green slider will not turn on (just slides back to ‘off’ by itself) so the VPN cannot be activated.  Worked fine until the OS upgrade.


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5 replies

Cancel the above - suddenly started working!

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Yes, we have seen this behaviour after a system upgrade. Restarting the product (or restart macOS) helps to solve this problem.

hi, ı upgrated to monterey and restarted Kaspersky vpn and my system. Kaspersky vpn is running but don't connect to internet. 

which version is latest?

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Hello @nihathicipli !

You have a different problem. We know this too and it will be fixed in the new build. New build number:

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Hi @nihathicipli 

A new build has been published. Update via the App Store and check the problem.