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  • 16 December 2020
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The ON/OFF button of Kaspersky VPN is the biggest garbage of a button I have seen in my entire life. I have seen many buttons, but this one is the abolute worst! First off, how do you start it? I click on it, nothing happens, I double click on it, nothing, I try to drag it to the right, nothing. Then I click on it like 5 times and it turns on and then turns itself off. And then finally it starts working. This is ridiculous, couldn’t you just make a simple button?  You know, the button that you can actually click for it to start working? I hope I don’t ask for too much.

Have a nice day (sorry for the rant)

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3 replies

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Hello @macak



  1. Are any software applications produced by Check Point Software Technologies Ltd installed? 
  2. Has a clean install been done? 
  3. Is KVPN Premium or Free? 

Please let us know? 

Thank you:pray_tone3:

Flood:whale: +:whale2:

@macak hello!

Could you contact Tech support regarding the issue?

Most probably it will be necessary to prodive traces and video of the issue collected simultaniouously. Plus a GSI report.

Thank you!

Hey guys,

it’s OK, now it’s working. I just need to wait a few seconds and then click the button (not immediately like I did before), which is fine with me (probably related to speed of Windows or computer, not Kaspersky). Thanks for the replies, all good now!