I have paid for the upgrade of Secure Connection and Made a Payment To Digital River But I have not received the upgraded service

  • 21 September 2019
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I have paid for the upgraded VPN secure connection service and made a payment of £29.99 but I have not received the upgraded service? Has anyone else experienced this issue?

1 reply

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Upgraded KSC VPN Premium. I have not received the upgraded service?
Hello @RichardS,
When KSC/VPN Premium transaction was processed, did you receive a confirmation email, from Kaspersky.au.cs@digitalriver.com, with an activation key?

IF "no", it's necessary to contact Kaspersky Lab Technical Support, choose LOCATION, choose Purchasing and Licensing, select from:
  • Phone (not available all locations)
  • Online Chat (not available all locations)
  • MyKaspersky.com web portal
Also, check your bank account to confirm the transaction has been processed ?
If the activation key was received, sign into MyKaspersky.com, add activation code.

Best regards

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