I cannot watch Raiplay via VPN

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I cannot watch Raiplay while outside Italy, on this page:


My browser says: “streaming is allowed only for connections from Italy. The streaming content is available only for Italy”, even though I switched Kaspersky Secured Connection to the Italian server.



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My browser says:

Welcome. Did you try with another Browser, no problem with Raiplay on my side (outside Italy) with or without KSC vpn connection.


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I tried with two different computers, Mac and pc, and different browsers like Chrome and Safari, if in Raiplay try to stream a film for example it’s not working. Of course with a different vpn provider I had before trying Kaspersky (Touch VPN) it was working

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Streaming  “PlayList 24 - La TV in pillole” works fine , but when scrolling down  to e.g.  “Giro d'Italia 2020” i can indeed reproduce your issue. Please contact K-Lab technical Support.
> Summary > Technical Support Center > Request Technical Support > Create Request

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I did it, will see what they are saying :fingers_crossed_tone1:

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It’s useless they ask for log files. I’m not bothered, because the VPN Italy is not working on 2 different PC and a MAC while the simple touch VPN extension for Chrome works perfectly. So let’s say it’s their server that doesn’t work

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@cinweb This doesn’t fix you problem but the Italian VPN servers are not down. 
Can you please try to  reinstall  KSC.

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Hi thanks for your replay,yes it does fix it because unfortunately despite being a long time customer I will only use my KIS and forget Kaspersky VPN, considering I only need Italy, and I will keep using Touch VPN in chrome. Yes I have already uninstalled and reinstalled it. In the PC is one d/l coming together with KIS and ion MAC is a separated app

 Hi cinweb,


I’m with the same trouble. What kaspersky said to you in this problem?


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Hello @vesuvio00!

Indeed, such stream services can detect usage of VPN and block access in such cases. :(

Streaming services are often restricted to the country they are licensed in, so it's possible that Raiplay isn't available outside of Italy. There are plenty of other streaming services like Hulu or Netflix. Because websites use a geographic IP, you would also be able to bypass any blocks by connecting from another country before accessing your favorite Italian show.

VPNs work because they set up an encrypted connection between your computer and the content provider (which is what is blocked with this service.) If you plan on using VPN connections for anything more than watching TV, make sure that your VPN provider has servers in two different countries - for example Canada and Germany - so that if one location is being blocked you can go elsewhere. 


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Hello @zacharyswift362


  • Atm, Kaspersky has remote servers in countries all over the world →  Kaspersky VPN server locations, these are available to KVPN Premium subscribers. 
  • Kaspersky VPN Free = a VPN server selected automatically

Thank you:pray_tone3:


hi @cinweb 

I don't know if you solved this problem yet, but the solution for me was quite simple.

I just disconected my account and loged in again. before the page was refreshed on chrome, KSV even asked for confirmation to be used on the page (I configured specific VPN for rai play on the app). this also worked for the rai play app. log out, log in again.


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hi @cinweb 

I don't know if you solved this problem yet...


Hello, thanks for the hint but I’m not using Kaspersky VPN anymore, I was a premium user and they didn’t work for me, it’s not up to me making them work I guess.

I can confirm that the Italian server has been blocked by Rai Play and doesn’t work anymore.