How do I get this without having google, microsft, or apple ID?

  • 17 June 2019
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I have asked how can I download the vpn (Kaspersky Secure Connection) your company has without having to create a Microsoft account, google play or apple ID account. Those three require too much personal information just to download from. I wont give out a tele number or a credit card or debit card just to set up an account to download free things from. All three make you verify with either or both of these things which I won't give out. Where is the ability to download directly from Kaspersky site?

8 replies

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Hello JJohnson,
  1. https://www.kaspersky.com.au/downloads/thank-you/free-vpn-secure-connection-pc - doesn't require an email address to download.
  2. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.kaspersky.secure.connection&hl=en - doesn't require an email address/Google accoiunt to download.
  3. Don't use 🍏, however, if there's a KSEC-iOs, can't imagine why it would be any different to 1 & 2
  4. The free KSC-VPN gives 200mb/daily, this increases to 300mb/daily if the software is associated with a MyKaspersky online account.
  5. Fora MyKaspersky account any valid email address works.
  6. Anything that involves a financial excange will require verifiable details.
  7. If you please provide us with links to where you've encountered issues we can then have a clearer understanding and assist if at all possible?
Thank you I am simply attempting to get the download for my android and it is such a hassle. I could not get around the prompts for a google account to manage this task.
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Hello JJohnson,
Thanks for posting back.
Did you try the GooglePlay link I posted above, it goes direct to the PlayStore with no logins, email addresses, no prompts, no hurdles.
If it does not work please post back so we can assist?
Many thanks!
Actually I just tried the second link but when I press download it takes me directly to the google login page.

The first link will not allow me a download for android.

That is what i want a direct link for the VPN for android without having to have a google account or such.
https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.kaspersky.secure.connection&hl=en -

when I go there at the link above I am redirected to the link below


I press the install button then it redirects me to this link


and that is as far as it will let me go because I do not have an account and I am not willing to set one up.

basically it forces people to sign up if they want the download for the apk file for the android...I am extremely opposed to that!
I cant sign up for an account with my tutanota address they expect me to get a gmail address or something such, which I DO NOT want.
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Hello JJohnson,
Thanks for posting back.

Re: "I cant sign up for an account with my tutanota address, they expect me to get a gmail address or something such, which I DO NOT want"

  • We understand. We're not expecting you to get a gmail address, nor microsoft & or apple addresses.
  1. Are you wishing to install KSC-VPN only on Android?
  2. If "yes", please tell us your Android Operating System & version?
  3. If "no", please tell us all device types, operating system/s, versions/s you wish to install Kaspersky software on?
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I cant sign up for an account with my tutanota address they expect me to get a gmail address or something such, which I DO NOT want.
Both Google and Apple require sign-in to their respective accounts to use appstores. This is not Kaspersky requirement nor issue.
On Android (at your own risk) you can do sideload - i.e. install an app not from GPlay but as a distributive (similar to Windows) - it is .apk file. You can google for Kaspersky Secure Connection apk, here is one of such links for you convenience:

On iOS AFAIR sideload requires a rooted device, so it`s much easier to use Apple`s account anyway.

On Windows Kaspersky VPN doesn`t require Microsoft account - you can just download it from Kaspersky site and that`s it. Link was provided in previous replies, here it is again: