Disable VPN automatically for WLANs (How To)?

  • 11 April 2020
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Dear Team,


I use the automatic rules with Kaspersky VPN that means, for WLAN1, i want to use VPN for WLAN2 i don’t want to use VPN.

As example: If my Android Device established a connection with WLAN1 it starts VPN, the problem now is, if i drive home and my device does use WLAN2, secure connection is still running.


Settings > Rules for unsecure Wlan Networks: secure connection

Rules for known WLAN Networks: WLAN1 secure connection, WLAN2 do nothing.

Enabled: “automatically secure connections with adaptive  security”


Anyone else has this problem?


Kind regards,




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Hello @bern,

Welcome again!

  • If KSC-VPN is licensed, you may wish to contact Kaspersky Technical Support, they may need you to enable Traces to help them assist you; also, they will need a GSI & Windows Logs
  • After submitting the case, you’ll receive an automated email with an INC+12digits reference number, then, normally, within 5 business days, a Kaspersky Technical Support human will communicate with you, also by email, you may continue to engage with the Kaspersky Technical Team via email or by updating the INC in your MyKaspersky account.

Please share the outcome with the Community, when it’s available? 

Thank you:pray_tone3: