Daily VPN allowance with Security Cloud - Personal?

  • 4 December 2019
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Hi …

I am thinking of upgrading from Total Security to Security Cloud - Personal. Can anyone tell me the daily VPN allowance/usage please.

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5 replies

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Hello  @Phil James,


Kaspersky Security Cloud (Personal/Premium), includes, Kaspersky Secure Connection (*standard/free version), 200mb daily, increases to 300mb daily by connecting (once) to your MyKaspersky.com account.

Free KSC-VPN includes advertising, remote virtual locations selected automatically and no Kaspersky Technical Support.

I always recommend installing any Kaspersky software, for example, Kaspersky Security Cloud for a trial period, during the trial, full access to the Premium software is available, that gives an opportunity to fully test the product, at the end of the trial period, an informed decision can be made. 

(From memory:thinking: ) during the Premium trial, the KSC-VPN data allowance is 500mb/daily.

Kaspersky Security Cloud library

Kaspersky Security Cloud, three subscription packages table

Thank you:pray_tone3:

Thanks for the prompt response FLOOD.

To be honest, 300Mb doesn’t seem much for daily use. I noticed that the Secure Connection (Premium) has unlimited use for £12.00 annual subscription. Could this be purchased on top of the Security Cloud Personal cover?

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Hello  @Phil James,.

You’re very welcome!

Sorry it took me a while to get back to your question, yes, 300mb is nothing these days. 

Absolutely, additional to any Kaspersky AV software, you can purchase & run KSC-VPN Premium. I do suggest you try the Trial version before forking out any $$$.

Best regards:pray_tone3:

I’ve got 30 days left of my Total Security contract ….. would it be possible to download the trial version alongside this, or wait until it expires in January? I’ve read that installation of the Cloud Security erases the existing Total Security software.

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Hello  @Phil James,

My recommendation:

  1. Check Kaspersky Security Cloud20 requirements ? 
  2. Check List of applications incompatible with Kaspersky Security Cloud 20
  3. Wait for the current KTS license to expire (in your MyKaspersky account, make sure the license is not set to “auto-renew”)
  4. At the end of the KTS license, download but don’t install Kaspersky Security Cloud. 
  5. Uninstall KTS
  6. Install Kaspersky Security Cloud, including activating the new license, and synchronising KSCloud with your MyKaspersky account, then please ensure a full reboot is included in the install, and after login, run a manual Database Update - allow it to complete and run a manual Full Scan - allow it to complete. 
  7. Kaspersky Secure Connection (free) comes “pre-installed” (with both KTS & KSCloud). After KSCloud is installed and configured, proceed with activting and configuring Kaspersky Secure Connection. 

If you need any help, please do not hesitate to post back?

Thank you