Activating new license for Kaspersky VPN

  • 18 February 2021
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Today I purchased a new license for my Kaspersky VPN (the 1 year subscription) as it is the cheaper option. I entered the activation code that I received on my Kaspersky but it is not assigned to a device. I thought it would get assigned to my current device automatically.

The monthly subscription from a prior monthly purchase is still active. What is not clear to me is how I can replace the monthly subscription with the yearly subscription. The ‘my Kaspersky’ license page does not provide an option as far as I can tell.

The Kaspersky VPN app. does not provide an option to assign the new license while the old license is running it seems.



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3 replies

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@Otly Welcome. The monthly subscription will switch to your 1 year license on maturity date.

Hello Berny,

Today my old subscription ran out, or so I thought because that is what I read in ‘My Kaspersky’ yesterday night (I had to wait a month to see if it would switch over to the new yearly subscription). I found out this morning that the Premium VPN is not active - for some reason it did not switch to the new license. I tried entering the new license code manually in Kaspersky VPN but I get a pop-up that says I can’t add that particular activation code.

A bit later today I checked my personal account in ‘My Kaspersky’ to see what the issue is. There I see an active license until 9-4-21 even though it had already expired - or so I thought. But it is not active on my PC. So at the moment the premium version of Kaspersky VPN on my PC is not active although according to the data in ‘My Kaspersky’ it should still be active.

Lastly, I don’t know if it is relevant, but I updated to the last version of Kaspersky Total Security yesterday night (including patch a) for an unrelated issue. I did a complete uninstall and reinstall.

I hope my explanation is clear.


PS It would be less confusing if there were a single license for Kaspersky Total Security and - VPN Secure Connection combined. I hope KS will market a single package like that in the future.

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Hello @Otly!

I do not completely understand, could you please clarify Is the issue with KSeC activation resolved after products reinstallation?

Thank you!