infected by new ransomware name .ncov(dharma family)

on 27 april 2020 my pc got infected by this  ramsomware named .ncov of dharma family i need a decrypter for it anybody there to help me???? my all imp. work is encrypted..

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Please see here : 


thank you @nexon  

i have done searching but this type of ransomware’s decryptor is still not available

so what should i do now?


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You should contact tech support. Engineers will you provide steps.

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@aayush481181 Also and in addition  to Nexon  , Tech Support is only available for Kaspersky’s paid products customers.

ohk @Berny ..

@Berny , but can you advice what should i do if i am not a paid customer of Kaspersky ?

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@aayush481181 Ransomware is a very difficult problem to solve, I can only suggest off line backups as best prevention 

@Berny  let me note that previously i was once infected by a .cezor ransomware and i was abble to find its decrypter and i was helped by kaspersky community and you can see that thread https://community.kaspersky.com/kaspersky-virus-removal-tool-76/a-ransomware-named-cezor-moved-2181 i used my brother’s id to report this ...this time it was not me who is infected, he is friend of mine so i thought i could get any help..

So, Iam thinking that in several days i will get the decrypter as the previous incident…. 

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@aayush481181 your pc was infected with ransom in past hmm and you are still not careful?
Few usefull things for you:
1.Install and update your antivirus (with real time protection)
2.Back up, back up and back up your files (3 - 2- 1 it means create 3 copies of your data (1 primary copy and 2 backups) and store it at least on 2 types of storage (drive or NAS, or external HDD), and 1 of these back up store in cloud. This is rule 3-2-1 back up.

But i recomend or you can do it like me : 1 FULL back up system on D drive with additional back up (Total back ups :2)

sorryy @nexon  this time it is not me😂, it is my friend Iam just trying to help him out , but thank you for your adviced precautions 🙂

@Berny @nexon….. anyone can help me now its 2 days when i posted it, waiting to get a decryptor…. and waiting for help around the world

@Berny @nexon And can you tell one more thing that, do you know anyone whom i can pay to get my files decrypted?

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@aayush481181 If you don’t know then we don’t know. Also a payment is not recommended , in a lot of cases a payment is considered as an advanced payment and they will try to get you involved in an endless circle...