Infected by new ransomware .Boop [Merged]

  • 23 August 2020
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first i want to say my english is not native so excuse me from the beginning

yesterday tried to install object dock and got a virus

they installed few programs and was able to uninstall but after that shut down my PC then most of my files from C and other two external HDD have the additional extension .boop



0acec3abbb37mnyz.jpg.boop    BOOP File    61 KB    8/22/2020 8:17:25 PM
0f25e17c5407b77600f.jpg.boop    BOOP File    1,763 KB    8/22/2020 8:17:25 PM
1452679715245.gif.boop    BOOP File    47 KB    8/22/2020 8:17:25 PM
20180318_141106.jpg.boop    BOOP File    1,304 KB    8/22/2020 8:17:25 PM
20180318_141111.jpg.boop    BOOP File    1,299 KB    8/22/2020 8:17:25 PM
20180318_141120.jpg.boop    BOOP File    1,309 KB    8/22/2020 8:17:26 PM
2381206.jpg.boop    BOOP File    220 KB    8/22/2020 8:17:26 PM
2823347jRb02OMg.gif.boop    BOOP File    40 KB    8/22/2020 8:17:26 PM
28233533FQHAR7J8.gif.boop    BOOP File    230 KB    8/22/2020 8:17:26 PM
38.gif.boop    BOOP File    1,339 KB    8/22/2020 8:17:26 PM
399a175bd5461ef9c458f468d8e9b0c6.jpg.boop    BOOP File    55 KB    8/22/2020 8:17:26 PM
40.gif.boop    BOOP File    30 KB    8/22/2020 8:17:27 PM
42c03573aa7b.jpg.boop    BOOP File    59 KB    8/22/2020 8:17:27




also ‘’start task manager’’ was unable but solved by a friend of mine

however, a problem persists



one of the executable installed  and not find in programs and features was Garbage cleaner which i deleted 



tried to get Free Ransomware Decryptors but i could not find .boop fileso i guess this virus is new … or not


please, i kindly ask for help


i dont have Kaspersky installed or payed 


but i will soon as my avi, mp3, txt. and many other files will be decrypted 

then i must install a new windows

now i have windows 7. 64-bit


also, Microsoft Security Essentials detected 16 viruses (type) but one of them appears after restart each time



[Category: Trojan

Description: This program is dangerous and executes commands from an attacker.

Recommended action: Remove this software immediately.



again, please help and many thanks in advance


best wishes Carmen Tipa

15 replies

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@EnderMate47, write a request to technical support (if you have a paid license for Kaspersky products) - https://my.kaspersky.com/

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@EnderMate47 Please see above :

“Ask for the tech support (only for Kaspersky’s paid products customers)”

But then what should I do?

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@EnderMate47 Your Topic has been merged with an existing Topic concerning the same subject.

Also as already stipulated above , this community can’t resolve your problem.

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@EnderMate47, this means that another person has the same problem. And his theme was merged with yours.

But what do you mean by it has been merged….has that extension been added to rakhini or shader Decryptor?

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@MMGL Welcome. Your Topic has been merged , please see above.

My computer has been attacked by a ransomenote called with the extension of .boop. It extension made to all my files with .boop and I couldn't even open a single file. Please help me.

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@viruzvz Welcome. Please see above.

I got *.boop too. Pls help. 

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There are no publicly available decryptors for this ransomware.
Perhaps technical support can help, but it only provides assistance to users of paid Kaspersky products.

sorry but i dont understand … is not the correct forum? kaspersky dont have a solution … forgive my ignorance

what to do?

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@tipa carmen  We would like help you but unfortunately this community can’t resolve your problem.

thank you Berny

is .boop extension added? because i already have tried Shade Decryptor and Rakhni Decryptor

but unable to find a file when i push start scan


also i added more information in the main post


please I want to explain to me more precisely what to do, my english is bad 

I don't know technical terms

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@tipa carmen  Welcome.

Please check this :

https://noransom.kaspersky.com/  (*)

(*) Also :  “Ask for the tech support (only for Kaspersky’s paid products customers)”