I had a notification of kaspersky downloading a file from one drive

  • 13 July 2019
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I downloaded this app right, started scanning and while I was playing I had a notification that a file is being downloaded from my one drive. Why does it do that? And why would they wanna see my meme folder?

Edit: I did block it and it did say that it was from the virus removal tool. But it was probably too late since I stopped it right when the bar was full.

5 replies

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Hello Warsdhgjmfdgs,
  • Was the notification from Kaspersky software?
  • Can you post a screen image of the notification?
And, please tell us:
  • Operating system, version, build?
  • Kaspersky software installed, name, free or licenced, version, patch(x) ? x = letter
  • Please upload the Virus Removal Tool report by selecting the upload icon below?
Thank you.
No, the notification was from windows
I don't have a screenshot of the notification since the file downloaded fast so I had to stop it and immediately blocked it from doing it again.

OS is Windows 10, v1809 build 17763.503
I downloaded the Kaspersky Virus Removal Tool, the free one, version, can't find the patch
I don't know how to upload it. I cancelled the scan right after I cancelled the downloading of the file so I'm not sure how to upload it.

It did say there were no threats when I cancelled it so it was no big deal
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Hello Warsdhgjmfdgs,
Thank for posting back and providing information.
  • The upload icon is between the link icon & the smilie icon, (in the window) when you post back - highlighted green in my image.

  • If the scan was cancelled and if there's nothing to report, we don't need the report.
  • If the notification was not from Kaspersky software and especially as we can't see the notifcation, it's really difficult answering the questions you've raised.
  • Re: ". I cancelled the scan" : did the scan actually complete?
Please let us know how we can help?
I stopped the scan. It did not complete. I stopped the scan as soon as I cancelled the file and blocked Kaspersky from ever downloading anything again. I deleted both the file and Kaspersky so I can't really replicate it. But maybe soon
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Hello Warsdhgjmfdgs,
I've (re-tested), KVRT.
  1. After dowloading KVRT.exe, it does not install, nor does it download anything.
  2. The function is to run, scan, quarantine (if necessary) & report.
  3. Furthermore, if detections are found, the available options are: restore, delete.
  4. KVRT - does not manage any realtime functions, nor does it download or perform any updating of detected software.
  5. (imo) - the notification that occured "while I was playing I had a notification a file is being downloaded from 1Drive)" is unrelated to Kaspersky software.
  6. As you've advised the notification was from Windows, the (Windows) event logs may have the information.
Best regards.