.dutan Ransomware

  • 4 May 2019
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I'm not sure if I'm in the correct section.

Hi everybody, my pc was infected with .dutan ransomware. WIth the restore system and te Kas Virus Removal Tool I removed a lot of infected file, but now I've got all my partition D, with files with extension .duran. I tried to find a tool for the decrypting it, but anyone seems working with that extension.
There is some way to recover my file? Anyone know if there is developing a tool for decrypting (so i can save them like that and wait for the tool)
Any help would be great!


1 reply

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Hi @mario.rossi and welcome to the new Kaspersky Community Forum.
Can you please tell us what version of Kaspersky Security you have installed?
Your issue is tricky to fix not knowing how much damage is already done to your "files"
You can try this "free" Kaspersky "decrypt" tool.
Thank you.

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