Xbox PC Game Pass, a lot of games can't start with protection running

  • 19 June 2019
  • 3 replies

Kaspersky Total Security prevents a lot of the games available in Xbox PC Game Pass from starting. I have to pause protection to start them. So far, the games I noticed having this problem are Void Bastards, Into the Breach, Metro: Exodus, Prey and Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus.

3 replies

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Hello Atroxic,
If you're requiring help with "Kaspersky Total Security prevents a lot of games available in Xbox PC Game Pass", please provide the following:

  1. Operating system name, version, build?
  2. All Kaspersky software installed and activated: name/s, version/s, release/s?
  3. Xbox Game Pass PC Games, version, release info? Is Xbox Game software stable release or beta?
  4. Extract of Kaspersky Reports identifying the issue/s?
  5. Screenprint/s of the error/s if there are any?
  6. Timeframe: has the issue always existed, just began, began after or before a certain date/event?
  7. The 8 games you've mentioned, work if protection is paused, are you able to let us know the names of a few, that activate WITHOUT pausing protection please?
  8. Any other specific, relevant information not covered in 1 to 7?
However, if your post is an observation, then thanks for sharing!
  1. Windows 10 Pro version 1903, compilation 18362.175
  2. Kaspersky Password Manager, Kaspersky Secure Connection and Kaspersky Total Security.
  3. Xbox Game Pass is a beta version.
  4. How do I get the extracts?

6.Always existed.
7.Apparently, only games from Microsoft Studios or Xbox Game Studios, like State of Decay 2, Recore, Sea of Thieves, Gears of Wars 4, Sunset Overdrive, Forza 4, work without pausing protection.
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Thanks for posting back Atroxic,
(4) https://help.kaspersky.com/KTS/2019/en-US/69235.htm
(2) Kaspersky software version & release info? Nnot KPM, that's not going to be necessary for the concerns you have.
(3) Which GP beta version #?
Also, please generate GSI & Windows logs, please upload the full .zip folder to cloud storage of your choice & post back the link.