Windows 10 update 1903 fails

  • 18 July 2019
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So, I've been trying to install 1903 feature update, but it keeps failing with error codes that when I searched for, I could only dig down to one of two possible causes that might be the reason.
1) KTS
2) Easy Anti-cheat (anti-hacking software for online games, automatically installed with games like Fortnite and Apex legends)

I want to try KTS first, so I want a detailed guide to uninstall then try the update then reinstall it again.
In that case, I've a license and I don't want to lose the remaining period of course.

3 replies

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Hello BigBadBong,
Just so I'm clear please, you have KTS installed, & there's issues upgrading to W10 1903?
If that's correct please post back & tell us:
  1. KTS, free or licensed?
  2. KTS, version, patch(x) x = letter
  3. Opsys is 1903 or still on previous build?
  4. Opsys version, release, build?
  5. Screen images of errors?
  6. In KTS REPORTS, https://help.kaspersky.com/KTS/2019/en-US/69235.htm - are there any events that match the issues you're encountering? IF YES, please export the report, save as a .txt file & upload using the upload icon (between the link icon & the smilie icon) in your reply
  7. To access REPORTS: https://help.kaspersky.com/KTS/2019/en-US/70885.htm
  • If you'd like to uninstall KTS, that can be done via Windows, Add & Remove Programmes, when the uninstall process begins a popup window with 6 options will display, ONLY select Save License Information, ignore every other option. https://help.kaspersky.com/KTS/2019/en-US/43539.htm
Please post back the above info so we can assist?
Many thanks.

About three weeks ago to five weeks ago, my computer started getting weird. Something in the operating system would prevent Skype a couple other programs from even loading and Sublime would keep crashing. I called Alienware tech support and they could not figure it out. In hindsite, KTS was interfering with Windows Update and something else. I had to download a Windows10 image - build 1903, and I installed it. While it was intsalling it continued to comeplte all of the updates and then the exact same issue happened again. I duplicated it another time as well. I finally reinstalled again and completed all of the Windows Updates and was just fine. I have not reinstalled KPS yet - I am doing it tonight. It seemed like the common denominator was KTS.

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Hello  @Nubi1Kenobi,


  • Please tell us: 

:one:W10 1903 build ? 

:two:KTS version and patch ? 

  • Please check and confirm:

:three:Kaspersky Total Security 20 System Requirements ?

:four:KTS software compatibility requirements ? 

:o: If, after checking and confirming, the issue remains, please provide :one: , :two:GSI & Windows Logs, upload zip folder to cloud & post or PM the link:o: ?

Thank you