Windows 10 freezes totally when use Safe Money

  • 22 November 2019
  • 2 replies

Windows 10 Home freezes when I try to use safe money on my laptop. Same with Chrome and Firefox. Only power button helps.

2 replies

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Hello   @Andy V

Please tell us:

  1. Win10 version & release  ?
  2. KTS version & build ? 
  3. Which browser is configured as Windows default browser ?
  4. Which browser is configured in KTS SafeMoney ?
  5. Chrome version ? 
  6. Chrome: is Kaspersky Protection extension installed? If "yes" version please? 
  7. Firefox version ? 
  8. Firefox,  is Kaspersky Protection addon installed? If "yes" version please? 
  9. Has a software compatibility check been done? 
  10. Has Windows, Chrome and Firefox always "froze" when SafeMoney is used or is the issue new?, If "new", in the 24 hrs preceeding the issue beginning were there any hardware, software, network and or environmental changes, anything at all? 
  11. Are any Virtual environments or Beta software being used? 
  12. Have you raised the issue with Kaspersky Lab Technical Support? 

Please post back?

Thank you:pray_tone3:


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Hi Andy V, 

Sorry to hear about this issue. Please try to disable the option “Use hardware virtualization if available” in Settings → Additional → Additional protection and management tools (if you are using version 2020) or in Settings → Protection → Safe Money (if you are using version 2018/2019). Will it help?