Windows 10 1903 - PC Freezes/hangs intermittently during file transfer on local network drive

  • 11 November 2019
  • 3 replies

I’ve isolated the issue that it is related to Kaspersky’s rules on the firewall. I was just wondering if someone could quickly point out which setting it would be under in the firewall for local file transfers on a mapped network drive.


Is it related to packet rules on local network because it’s just the monitoring on local file services?


Thanks in advance!


System specs if needed:

Windows 10 Pro 1903 - latest update

Ryzen 7 3800x


RTX 2080

64GB DDR4 3600Mhz

3 replies

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Hello  @domingothegamer,


What KTS version? & patch(x)? is installed please?

Please let us know? 

Thank you.

Sure thing


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Hello @domingothegamer,

You’re welcome:pray_tone3:

Thank you for posting back!

  1. Is the “lag, stutter, freeze file transfer” a new issue or has always existed?
  2. Can you explain more this statement “I’ve isolated the issue that it is related to Kaspersky’s rules on the firewall” please?
  3. Have you run Windows in SafeMode & retested the issue?
  4. Have you run the KTS Clean & Optimize Wizards? 
  5. Have you done a fresh install of KTS?
  6. IF KTS is exited, and a file transfer performed, does the issue resolve?
  7. May we have a GSI & Windows Logs, please upload zip folder to cloud & post back or PM the link please?
  8. If possible, please capture the issue on video and post please?
  9. Alternatively, if KTS is licensed, you may wish to raise the issue with Kaspersky Lab Technical Support.

Please let us know?

Thank you.