Why is Kaspersky not blocking a cybercriminal from accessing the victim's computer for five consecutive attempts to enter the correct computer administrator account login? And why doesn't it notify the administrative user?

  • 22 July 2021
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In another security suite there is already such a function. I think that the lack of such a function in Kaspersky is a very big drawback / flaw / shortcoming / technological, constructional, engineering, programming backwardness, etc.
Please support my postulate by the Kasperski Community.

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Hello @Brown pirate,

I don't think that an AV program is responsible for user management of a computer. That has to be handled by the OS.

Kaspersky can help that vulnerabilities in the OS can't be exploited, but that's all an AV should do. This is the job of MS, Apple, Google, Linux,...

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Emsisoft Anti-Malvare Home has this option since recently. 
Hackers try to crack the password of your PC and you don't know anything because you have KTS. 
Do you understand now?