Why app not show when i need to restart [Moved]

  • 8 October 2020
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why app not show when i need to restart !!!or when patch it is update!!!

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  1. why app not show when i need to restart or when patch it is update!
  2. ww.filelist.io  Please check this site contains miners!

Hello @bengos

Welcome back!

  • :one: Kaspersky uses a “silent” patch distribution method, AFTER a patch arrives, to complete the patch installation successfully, a computer reboot is required. If you don't reboot the computer in seven days after the application receives the patch, the Kaspersky icon in the Windows taskbar / notification area will turn red.
  • Because the arrival of the patch is silent = invisible, there’s no indications that a patch has arrived, you won’t know when it’s arrived, until the 7 days have expired or if you happen to reboot the computer and noticed the patch letter has changed, if it’s the latter, you become aware after the event. 
  • Does this make sense? To Kaspersky, apparently it does. 
  • Specifically, for the latest patch C, the distribution began on the September 29TH, 2020 and completed on October 8th 2020. 
  • :two: Please use Kaspersky Threat Intelligence Portal to check any site you have concerns about



Note, Torrent / media sharing sites may distribute software that is unsafe.

Thank you :pray_tone3: