Virus uninstalled Kaspersky

  • 13 January 2021
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A virus going by winlogui in my system 32 folder uninstalled Kaspersky and shut off my windows defender notifs. I'm dissapointed that Kaspersky failed to to stop it. 


I downloaded Norton's free trial and it deleted 3-4 of the malware. Then I downloaded Malwarebytes free trial and it found some changes the malware made and deleted those too.


If smth like this happened to you, I suggest you check if your system 32 files has these file names as they are malware. You can find a screenshot from OP in the comments:


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1 reply

Hello @RoyalBabak97 !

According to the provided URL - these files were detected by product.

Anyway if the issue occurs, no need to perform any additional actions (like scanning of the OS with other AVs).

The first thing to do is to contact Tech support to investigate the issue.