Video camera is randomly blocking image from appearing

Hello.  Every few weeks, my video camera is not showing my image when I use Webex or Zoom.  I have looked in my Kaspersky Total Security settings and everything is enabled and does not say to block the image.  I have also checked my Lenova Yoga 730 settings, Zoom and Webex and video is enabled.  Last time, there was a problem, I found something in the Kaspersky settings in a random place which seemed to fix the issue but I cannot remember where.  I have tried restarting the computer multiple times.  I don’t understand why this continues to happen or what to do.  Do I need to uninstall Kaspersky?

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@cheerbear69 Welcome. Please check this K-Lab article https://support.kaspersky.com/14981

Unfortunately, it did not.

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