Upgrade on top, or uninstall old version first?

  • 8 April 2019
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I just recently started to use my computer again after barely ever using it and never renewed my Kapersky subscription. Last time was in 2017. Today I renewed it and went to the Kapersky website and clicked on 'Store' and chose what I previously had, which was Total Security. I done bought it and now in the process of downloading what I bought, thing is I already have it on my system from 2017, an older version I would assume. Would downloading what I am now VS. what I do already have on my engine harm anything at all? Noticed once I done a bit looking around on the website and the software that is already here that all I had to do was renew it by entering my license number. Maybe things will be okay and should I delete my older Kapersky software when the one I am downloading is done? or will it somehow 'Merge'?

3 replies

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Hi Welcome to the new Kaspersky Community.
Hymn Kaspersky usually uninstalls the older version in new install Kaspersky setup.
It should be okay, but it is best to install from the Email download page you receive of new Licence key..
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Hi @MHarrelson85, welcome to the new Kaspersky Community.

In addition to the above post, the best thing would be to completely remove the old version using the official tool provided by Kaspersky Lab: kavremover
Then reboot the PC, install the latest version of Kaspersky you purchased, do a database update, reboot, database update again.

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Please allow me to add an additional comment regarding the kavremover. We only recommend this removal tool when a regular uninstall procedure is malfunctioning or in some other specific cases.

Also, personally i always proceed with a clean install :
> Uninstall Kaspersky > Reboot
> Install Kaspersky 2019 > Update Databases > Reboot

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