Uninstallation error: "Application upgrade is in progress"

  • 24 November 2019
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I have Kaspersky Internet Security installed in my laptop and now only four days are remaining before it gets expired. My question is, do I have to wait for it to expire in order to install new Kaspersky Total security? I have been trying to uninstall the KIS from my laptop before it expires, but it is not getting uninstalled. Please help. Thanks!

6 replies

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Welcome. Can you please describe your uninstall problem.

This message pops up. 

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Please reboot then cancel/exit Kaspersky and run the Kaspersky Removal Tool > Reboot



When done please clear  your Temp Files > Reboot


Same problem here. Kaspersky Total Security.

Add/Remove programs indicates 2 versions installed:

Both throw the same error when trying to uninstall.

The Application can’t be launched (just does nothing).  Secure Connection runs and has to be killed with task manager

I’ve already previous been through a heap of troubleshooting and rolling back to restore points etc after installing Kaspersky  bricked computer.


Seems to just be a fundamentally broken app.

The product remover ver 1.0.1513 reached 100% on the status bar and now just sits there… so can’t even be uninstalled.  


Short of re-installing windows is there any way I can at least remove this since it doesn’t function?



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@Lightwire Please contact Kaspersky Lab Technical Support https://center?kaspersky.com