Unblock application from Webcam protection. How to disable notification “Chrome is using the webcam”

  • 18 March 2021
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Hi, I use Kaspersky Total Security


Whenever I open Chrome, Kaspersky always bugs me with the notification that Chrome is using my webcam.

On a regular day, I don’t mind the repetitive notification. However, the “Hide this notification” is way too close to “Block application from using webcam”. (I don’t remember the exact words)

So, I accidentally blocked Chrome from accessing my webcam instead of hiding the notification.


Here are my two questions: Is there a way to hide notification “Application is accessing webcam” permanently on a single application?

(Whenever I open Chrome the notification always appear even though Chrome is really not using my webcam, it just has the permission to use my webcam).

How do I unblock a specific application from my blocked access to webcam without turning off Webcam Protection entirely? 

I have looked on the other threads but they suggest turning off the Webcam Protection entirely. I want it to still be activated. I want to be able to use the webcam while using Chrome and I also want Webcam Protection to still be active.


Thank you.

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1 reply

I just found out I can still use Webcam on Chrome, just restart the browser.


However, the annoying notification “Chrome is using the webcam” every time I open Chrome is still there. How do I remove this notification without turning off the Webcam Protection?