UI freezing when changing firewall settings

  • 1 December 2021
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Program version:

Windows version: 11 21H2 build 22000.348


I installed the application recently and it hangs when changing firewall settings for certain programs.

6 replies

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@72pzXCa Welcome.  Can you please provide more details.

When I change the trust level for something in the application control settings, or reset the rules for one, the UI will freeze for awhile and eventually recover. But sometimes 5-10 minutes. I use the Adguard Windows program for ad blocking and DNS filtering, and it also scans HTTPS connections, so maybe a conflict there. I changed the setting for HTTPS scanning to “upon request from components” maybe that will help. I could try disabling encryption scanning for the Adguard service, but then the Safe Money won’t work as I understand. That’s the only guess I have as to the problem.

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@72pzXCa Did you try to temporary disable Adguard ?

I will try changing settings with Adguard off. The problem is intermittent so it may take a little while to verify. I hope the problem can be mitigated with the right settings, though.


Also, I keep getting these “it’s possible this trusted application is being used to perform a privileged operation...” notifications for network requests I already have rules for. They keep coming back. I’m not sure if they are separate from the regular firewall alerts and I don’t know how to address them.

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Please check this Kaspersky Support article :

The freezing has not happened in a while, possibly because I turned off the encryption scanning. I assume this doesn’t affect any malware, antivirus or firewall capability and is just for privacy features, which I already have covered. The issue may be resolved. Thanks for the assistance.


The only other concern I have with the software is the system protection. I am unsure whether it is a good idea to be stopping processes in the middle of operations on other processes or registry access. Seems like it could lead to problems.

Other than that, things are okay.