Turn off Kaspersky Total Security automatically updating its software/Stop loading Password Manager link

  • 20 April 2021
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KTS Application Version:

OS: Microsoft Windows 7 x86 Service Pack 1 Build 7601


My Total Security use to update only manually, when I chose to do it (I preferred that setting). Now, it is updating automatically, and there is no way to stop it in settings anywhere. I don’t know if this was deliberate, but find it hard to believe that a company would arbitrarily seize setting authority from a user. Two days in a row, on startup there is an update which includes installing Kaspersky’s Password manager option in the task bar. Yesterday, shortcuts to Safe Money and some other thing. I know I can use these, and have opted NOT to, yet (especially Password Manager) seems to be pushed, which now makes me uneasy. Taking my control away from software updates and installing things I don’t want on my computer is somewhat like the very thing I got Kaspersky to protect from. (I am NOT talking about virus definitions, THOSE are the ones I DO wish to keep updated, of course). 

How can I stop Kaspersky Total Security PROGRAM SOFTWARE (NOT virus definitions) from auto updating?

How do I stop Kaspersky from continually loading the Password Manager link (presuming accomplishing the above question doesn’t stop it)?


Thanks for any direction


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Hello @Unperson


Yes, Kaspersky made a deliberate decision to take control of version updates, much to the dismay of a number of Kaspersky subscribers. 

@Igor Kurzin has advised, this “may” be reviewed/reversed at some stage, but, to date, this has not happened. 

AT this moment in time, the only way to “stop” a version update, is to use a registry “hack”, which even Kaspersky staff are suggesting; however, this needs to be done before the new version arrives & is updated; to rollback  to a previous version would involve contacting Kaspersky Technical Support & requesting the version exe & the hack method they’re using to prevent the forced updates… 

  • During KTS install now, a Kaspersky Password Manager Install or Decline prompt shows, if Decline is selected, the KPM issues should resolve.

It involves:

  1. Make sure you have the activation code. 
  2. Uninstall KTS →  saving License information only, do not select any other check boxes.
  3. Shutdown/reboot machine.
  4. Power on, login. 
  5. Check system for any software conflicts
  6. Download & install KTS, at the “Install KPM?” prompt, select Decline; allow the install to complete, make sure the machine is shutdown/rebooted at the end of the install. 
  7. Power on, login. 
  8. Run manual Database update.
  9. Run Full scan → allow it to complete. 
  10. Recheck KPM issue? 
  • Kaspersky Free VPN is installed by default, (ioo) the same (KPM) Install or Decline should be available for KVPN. To manage unwanted KVPN, uninstall or change so it does not start automatically when the system starts. 
  • Safe Money shortcuts, Kaspersky had implemented a manual solution, anyone wishing to have Safe Money shortcut had an option available via the application, to add the shortcut, however, some people complained that they wanted Safe Money shortcut automatically created; by what you’re saying, Kaspersky may have changed the solution again; post images, so we can see what you see please? 

Thank you:pray_tone3:


Thank you for your reply. Wow, a ‘registry hack’ and uninstall seems a lot to get this back to where I am in control of my own settings. Very grateful for the detailed instructions.

I just shut down Total Security altogether. I don’t visit questionable sites, and am very careful with opening attachments already. Things seems smoother with it off. I did find the Password Manager was a separate install, and uninstalled it (though I did NOT authorize it to be installed in the first place - another negative). I only have a few months on the subscription left anyway.

Seems to be a trend of many companies following in the draconian footsteps of Google and ‘seizing’ control from users for company interests costumed ‘for our own good’. Multi Step Authentication is another insidious trend, especially now in banking, being ‘forced’ on users without option (Google Nest). I will be looking for other AV software. Too bad, I thought Kaspersky was nice 3 years ago when I started. Corporate siege of user control in the name of ‘security’. 


Thanks again