Total security on Huawei keeps turning itself off [Solved][Closed]

  • 4 May 2019
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Total security on Huawei P20 lite (Android 😎 keeps turning itself off. I have to manually turn it on via accessibility option. After a few hours I see again that it is off in the accessibility options. Why it is so? Thank you.

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Hello IgsFi,
We need more info please:
**what version of Kaspersky do you have?
**when did it start?
**any particular events that you think may be contributing?
** when the software is active does it function normally?
**please detail/clarify "manually turn it on via accessibility option", please?
**is the battery in good condition?
**how old is the Huawei P20 please?
**when it resets does it retain licence/activation info?
Please post back with info for the above & any other info that may help.?
Many thanks!
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I agree with flood, if you can give us more information.

Also, have you already tried to uninstall and re-install the application? What happened then?
Kaspersky version:

When the issue started: always have been

Any particular events that you think may be contributing?: Don't know, never noticed

When the software is active does it function normally?: Yes

Please detail/clarify "manually turn it on via accessibility option", please?: For the Antivirus to run always, it must be turned on in Android settings - Accessibility. Isn't it? Otherwise it won't run on the background and won't do updates and scan.

Is the battery in good condition?: Yes, it is a new phone.

When it resets does it retain licence/activation info?: Yes.
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Hello IgsFi,
Thank you!
& thank you for the clarification re Android [accessibility] option
Please confirm - Topic is in [Kaspersky Total Security], on your Huawei P20 you have KIS: > https://help.kaspersky.com/KISA/MR20/en-US/71605.htm?

So, let's recap:
New phone
New install of KIS
Issue has always been present.
More questions:
* Free or Premium version please (this will not be the root cause of the issue, nor the solution, just helps to know please?)
*Installed/sourced from Google Play Store?
[No]? - where?
Does the phone have any other "Security"/Anti-Virus Software?
Unless information provided to this set of questions sheds light on the root cause, there's no glaring reason (atm).
As per battybatmam4unme's suggestion: have you uninstalled & reinstalled? If you do decide to do this & you have a licence/activation code, make a note/copy of licence/activation code, separate to the actual application.

Procedure to follow for ANY software uninstall/install/reinstall/refresh:
  1. Reboot/restart device AFTER EACH step, in this case it would be
  2. Uninstall
  3. Reboot
  4. Download software
  5. Reboot
  6. Activate software
  7. Reboot
  8. Monitor issue:
If the issue persists, please capture screen prints of each [kis][off] event & post back.

Thanks again.

It is a Premium version
Installed from Google play
This is the only antivirus
Upon reinstalling the antivirus as you suggested, the KIS asked to disable some of the Microsoft Outlook permissions, which I've done now.

I will test it for a few days and see. Keep doing a great job!
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Excellent work IgsFi, & quick!!
Very happy this stage has happened, please let us know if KIS remains ON?
Thanks guys, you resolved the problem. Great!