Total Security due 13 days keeps asking for $A149.95 instead of $A89.95

  • 17 January 2020
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Tried to renew from Kaspersky Total Security from with PC App, Opens up for payment 5 devices 1 Year 1 Account of $A149.95 but the website shows this amount is discounted to $A89.95. When I click renew from this selection, I am redirected to payment owing of $A149.95. I have been trying to sort this mess out for a week and am getting [****** ****** ***]. Sent email to support for help who replied by sending links to something completely different. Tried to find a telephone number to talk to someone in Australia but none listed. Every year it’s such a hassle to renew Kaspersky. To be honest if I can’t sort this out in 7 days I’m going to another anti virus program.

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6 replies

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Hello @CAVOK,


Don’t select Renew. 

On the Kaspersky Total Security purchase page, select  BUY NOW  & uncheck Auto-renew :black_square_button: 




Please post back if the issue persists or if Technical Support does not resolve the issue?

Thank you:pray_tone3:

Online Chat


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Thanks for a quick and positive reply, I did try this before but I don’t understand the 2 user accounts, why have I gone from a single to a 2 user Account.



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Hello @CAVOK, Steve, 

You’re very welcome!

To answer “why have I gone from a single to a 2 user Account”? I think when the RENEW option is selected, it pushes the purchaser to the originally defined single user license, at the higher cost. (imo) marketing:confounded: , the only way that I know to sort the issue successfully, is not choose auto-renew or renew.

I always buy a new license, (from authorised Kaspersky stores) bc, it’s cheaper, have done so for 7+ years. 

Deep dive in 2 user accounts: the little help window says:

Kaspersky Total Security is our best-performing, best-selling antivirus & security suite for families. With just one license, we help you to guard you & your kids against fraudsters, identity theft, password leaks, malware & more – on PC, Mac & mobile. A My Kaspersky account is required for you to use the Kaspersky Password Manager and Kaspersky Safe Kids services. You can install these services on any number of PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad & Android devices – but only for the number of user accounts specified in your purchased license. Please note that only one user account is able to manage Kaspersky Safe Kids. In addition, your My Kaspersky account makes it easy for you to manage security on your devices, plus those that your family own too ─ and stores important information, such as details on devices’ security settings and details about your license.”

Clear as mud, not! 

(imo), 2 user accounts means 2 MyKaspersky.com accounts and 2 Password Manager Vaults.

If, for example, there was Mr. Cavok & Ms. Cavok, using the KTS 2 User account license, you could each have a MyKaspersky.com account and each have your own secure Kaspersky Password Manager Vault.

With 1 User license (for 5 devices), the same Password Manager Vault is installed on every device.

Regarding 2 User accounts, you may wish to ask the Online Chat Team, however, if they don’t know, they will escalate to the Kaspersky Technical Team (experts), the answer from them may take 4 to 7 business days:sweat:

Regarding the Kaspersky Safe Kids, the Kaspersky Safe Kids license only allows for 1 User account (Parent) to manage the KSK software, why? bc, Kaspersky clearly believes children only have 1 parent…. :zipper_mouth:

Please post back if I can assist?

Thank you:pray_tone3:



FLOOD - a big thank you, I did struggle with the  preamble you pointed out. You have explained everything clearly. I will advise of the 2 user account after Chat. You interpretation sounds reasonable though

You’re not required to purchase license renewal through Kaspersky. As a matter of fact, Kaspersky has to charge the highest price for licenses to avoid undercutting their retailers. Do some hunting around, and don’t forget looking at eBay.

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don’t forget looking at eBay.

As already mentioned multiple times  : “NEVER PURCHASE A KASPERSKY LICENSE ON EBAY”  

Product licenses purchased on eBay are not supported.
Please purchase only from  authorized sources.