Spam/Hack Email pretending to be from Kaspersky

  • 23 February 2020
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i received an email supposedly from Kaspersky that says it will automatically renew my subscription when I specifically said not to put me on auto renewal. it also said they would debit my credit card ending in four numbers of which I have no record of.

Seems like it would be a simple thing to forward this email to Kaspersky to ask if it is legitimate or if it is fake- but nowhere on the Kaspersky site do I see any information on how to forward suspicious emails.

I tried sending it to support@Kaspersky.com, but it was non-deliverable.

Any suggestions?

2 replies

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@Ewizard Welcome.

Please submit a Ticket to K-Lab Technical Support https://center.kaspersky.com 

Also : 



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@Douglas Hendryx Welcome.
Unfortunately  Phishing  and Spam mails are  spreading over the Internet,
Please ignore and trash the message and mark the sender as spammer.