Something wrong with Total Antivirus, avpui.exe and that it had a hard fault. Resolved by re installing.

  • 30 December 2020
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I had an issue that was fixed with reinstalling Total Security. Basically, I had a remote connection open by itself (the service was on), and the windows diagnostic service was set to disabled. Every time I shut down the computer it said there was an application preventing the computer from shutting down and it turned out once I had re-enabled the diagnostic service, it was Total Security.

Basically it said it was avpui.exe and that it had a hard fault. Recently I would have this issue as well where all of my USB devices (keyboard, mouse, external ssd) would turn off all at the same time. Was my antivirus infected, or compromised? I reinstalled Kaspersky, disabled the remote connection service (I tested it by setting it to automatic after reinstalling and it didn’t turn on like it would before) and so far the USB devices have stopped turning off.

Also the program seems to be working fine now. No error at shut down, Game mode is also turning on now, which it wasn’t before and scans are  now taking about 10 minutes longer almost like it previously wasn’t actually scanning.

Is this something to be concerned about, or should I just consider it resolved?

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Welcome. It looks like you are all good. If issues occur, Tech Support will need to review diagnostic logs.