Software Updater screen indicates iTunes “Waiting for other updates to complete”.

  • 2 November 2020
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I am trying to fix a problem on my wife’s laptop. We have a 3 user license.

The Notification Center is informing her that an application update is available, which is for iTunes. However the Software Updater screen indicates “Waiting for other updates to complete” and clicking on the update and cancel buttons does nothing. 


I have searched on-line for answers and installed and uninstalled software, but the problem remains.


Any help would be gratefully accepted.

5 replies

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Can you please run “MSconfig” and search in the Services  for “Windows Installer” or “Msiexec.exe” ?

Hi Berny,

Thank you for answering.

I searched MScongig/Services and Windows Installer is there, the status is stopped. Msiexec.exe is not listed.


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@Nicko, you can always update iTunes manually - https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT201352

Hi Andrew75,

We have Manually updated. The version installed is

Kaspersky is recommending we update from version to, a very old version.

The message “Waiting for other updates to complete” leads me to think that there is a software flag telling Kaspersky that another update is still in progress. I need to find out how to clear that flag.

Thanks for your help

I have exactly the same problem with Libreoffice instead of iTunes

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