Slow and freezing writing when I have anti-virus enabled

  • 26 September 2020
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Hey guys,

I noticed that when I have total security activated, in some moments (I haven't noticed a pattern yet) when I'm going to write, the writing of the characters hangs. Usually I click on a field to write something, I start typing and it is stuck, the letters do not appear, after a few seconds what I wrote appears.

I did the test with the antivirus on and off, this only happens when it is on. I currently use the browsed microsoft edge Version 85.0.564.63 (Official build) (64 bits)

How do I solve this problem?

5 replies

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@Thiago Borja Welcome.

Please contact Kaspersky Lab Technical Support https://center.kaspersky.com 


I also have total security installed, and I noticed that the speed of  internet download is very slow. 

The speed only gets better soon after the computer has inicialized. 

Some tip to solve this problem?

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Hello @AnaLucia


Check: Internet connection slowed down after installation of a Kaspersky Lab product


Operating system information? 

KTS version, patch(x) 

(image 1) 

Check all Windows updates have a Successfully applied status → in Windows search:mag_right: bar, type update hist, select View your update history
Check Router has all updates applied ?
Create a System restore point
Windows Task manager →  Startup tab, check programs run at startup, disable any that are unnecessary ?
In all Supported browsers: Chrome, Firexfox & Edge Chromium - export Bookmarks

KTS →  SettingsManage SettingsExport Settings Restore Settings

(image 2)

KTS → More ToolsClean & Optimize → run:  

  1. PC Cleaner
  2. Unused data cleaner
  3. Privacy cleaner

(image 3) 

In SafeMode, clear the following temp folders: 

C:\Users\USER\AppData\Local\Temp      NB USER = your name     

Return to normal mode. 




:warning: If the issues persists, please log a case with Kaspersky Technical Support → image above 

  • After submitting the case, you’ll receive an automated email with an INC+12digits reference number, then, normally, within 5 business days, a Kaspersky Technical Support human will be in touch, also by email, you may continue to engage with the Kaspersky Technical Team via email or by updating the INC in their MyKaspersky account.

When feedback from the Kaspersky Technical Team is available, please share it here in the Kaspersky Community? 

Thank you:pray_tone3:

Flood:whale: +:whale2:

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Hello @AnaLucia,

Correction to the Internet connection slowed down after installation of a Kaspersky Lab product link in our previous reply.

Thank you:pray_tone3:

Flood:whale: +:whale2:

Hi, @Flood and Flood's wife !

Thanks for your help!