Search bar lag going and coming back

  • 18 October 2020
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Ok, so Ive heard other people say this, but when type in the search bar on youtube, it may lag. A few days ago, it didnt happen. Now its happening again. It seems like its just going and coming back. A few days or weeks later, it might go. But after a while, it comes back.

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Hello @Lester

Welcome again!

  1. Read @alexandrudonciu’s topic: My laptop lags when searching in YouTube or Facebook, noting the advice from Kaspersky “There is a bug on going for this issue, for time being, please follow the guide below to avoid the issue Open Kaspersky Settings - Additional -Network -traffic processing- disable Script Injection”, however Inject script into web traffic to interact with web pages is necessary to ensure proper functions of the following components: Safe Money, Private Browsing, URL Advisor, Anti-Banner and Parental Control & @Igor Kurzinhas advised it is not a recommended solution or workaround, & should only be used for testing purposes, therefore, raise a case with Kaspersky Technical Support, follow the same guidelines we’ve given you previously.
  2. Post the INC# here in your topic? 
  3. Share the outcome with the Community, when it’s available please? 

Thank you:pray_tone3:


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