samsung 8- no android updates past 9 - will kaspersky still protect me?

  • 29 October 2020
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I have a great Samsung galaxy 8 active, that is almost indestructible.  Bought in 2017 and still working 2020.

Problem- Google verson updates and security patches stop at version 9.

Rather than buying a new smartphone with android 10, I am wondering if Kaspersky total security will protect my phone 6 months from now as I stop getting android 9 updates and cannot upgrade to android 10.


Another example is my ulephone 9E. Its stuck at android 8.  Is my kaspersky still protecting my phone or do I have a false sense of security?

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1 reply

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hi @Rufun2 , 

In both cases the protection is working correctly, nothing to worry about.