Results of full scan, 3 objects not processed. [Solved][Closed]

  • 1 May 2019
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A full scan was performed on April 27, 2019. Three objects were found (see attached) in a folder named Sun in App Data Low. The items in this folder were anywhere from 3 - 6 years old which made me wonder why they would turn up on a scan. I deleted the entire folder but every time I open Kaspersky there is a message that these 3 items have not been resolved (see attached).
How do I get rid of this message?


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Hello Cagey,
  • To (try) to answer the first question, "objects were anywhere from 3 - 6 years old" why do they report now?
Sometimes (previously clean) objects get added to Kaspersky databases, resulting in reporting/identifying those objects as now "detectable".
Had they not been deleted, a step to answer that question, specific to those objects, would have been to seek info from Kaspersky Lab Technical Support... Without the objects it would be difficult for the LAB to answer...
May I ask, have you run another full scan?
If not please do so.
If the objects do not get reported BUT the original detections are still there, please proceed to next step:
Have you run a scan with another anti-malware software?
If not, please do so - if the results are clean, please perform a [reset] of KTS: https://help.kaspersky.com/KTS/2019/en-US/70884.htm
Note, if you've configured any special KTS settings & would like to retain, please [export] KTS settings before performing the [reset]
& please do post back if the issue is not resolved by any of the above.
Many thanks!
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Please file upload and share.
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Also, in addition to what FLOOD and murat5038 indicate in the post located above this post,

What are the objects? What are the detection verdicts?

Please post the full, complete detection details. Full file name, full path, full location, detection verdict. Post screenshot of Reports > Detailed reports > Detected objects.
Main Kaspersky window > More Tools > Reports > upper right > Detailed reports > at the upper left, drop down from All Events to Detected objects.
Thanks to all who responded. The issue has been fully resolved and everything is working fine now.