Reporting System hitting my drive about 7563 times per second. Premature wear.

  • 23 October 2021
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Using Process Monitor from Microsoft, with all possible kaspersky reporting settings shut down, AVP is ravaging my SSD. This doesn’t include all the registry accesses, network activity, thread activity, and more. All in all, according to Process Explorer from Microsoft, AVP is taking up 5 times more processor than explorer. It is taking up more resources from my computer than anything else, and I don’t know what purpose it serves to keep me safe, but I doubt there is one.

This is unacceptable, unless Kaspersky is going to decide to give out free SSD replacements. I’m guessing probably not.

I want this software shut down, and I’m going to do pause protection whenever I am disconnected from the internet. But this is not adequate.


3 replies

Is problem the your system, not the Kaspersky. Look have a software incompatible in your system.

@hobbitman: I don’t think you understand what I wrote, probably because you never used the Process Monitor tool. The only process I am reporting is AVP.exe.

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